Synonyms of Terrible

I’ll come right out and say it.

I am terrible at adulting.

I’m writing this when I should be formatting a spreadsheet for work.


I forgot to take down my trash bin 2 weeks in a row. Then on week 3, had to run it down the longass driveway screaming, “Wait! Wait! Wait for me!”


What good is the expensive-ass water softener if I can never remember to actually put salt in it?


I would rather pluck weeds on Animal Crossing than weed my own real life garden.


I have walked past the same bench every day for 3 weeks saying, “I should probably dust that.”


I never balance a checkbook.


I fill my fridge with healthy options and carefully packed leftovers, then ignore them until they go bad on purpose so I don’t actually have to eat them and must settle for Doritos.


I get so caught up in needing to be able to do everything myself that I then inadvertently refuse to ask others for help and keep my needs and feelings bottled up inside.


Yesterday I put the clothes in the dryer, but never actually STARTED the dryer.


I would rather watch any movie on Disney+ than sit down and watch the news.


Like these last couple synonyms of terrible.


Author: Kait_Stan

Aspiring Writer + Novelist

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