A Magnificent Journey to Shore

I watch the salty foam rise slowly onto the white sand, lose its grip, then slide despairingly back down. The sea is restless, churning, always changing. In the distance, each billow rises with grandeur, and then powerfully smacks into itself. What a peculiar fate… continuously rising and falling, an unbreakable and uncontrollable cycle.

Some are born to make waves. Others are meant to break them. A few are destined to ride the waves, while others prefer to watch them crash.

I don’t believe my purpose entwines with any of these.

I think maybe I exist to provide an escape from the waves.

I am a creative soul with a tendency to avoid conflict. Perhaps that’s a personality flaw. An adult weakness. There’s a lot of things whirling around us now. There are clashing sides and writhing politics and whiplashing events. It’s a maelstrom in the ocean. We’re seeing the worst of some and the best of others, and many of us are caught in the dizzying center of it all wondering who and what to believe.

Some of us are drowning.

Social media can sometimes amplify the splashing chaos. I’ve been avoiding Facebook. Mine still exists, and I still update my writer’s page, but I deleted the app. (My Instagram feed is almost entirely puppy dogs and infinitely more joyous…@kaitlinstaniulis  @chevy_the_doberman)

I’m not stuffing my head in the sand… I’m getting my news outside of social media and I’m separating myself from misinformation and unkind conversation.

I am focusing on creating pieces of happy so that others may have an escape when they too are stuck, overwhelmed, or discouraged.

Because I was never meant to make the waves. I don’t know how to break them. I’m too queasy to ride them, and I do not want to watch them.

Instead, I want to toss you a raft and build you a world that brings you bliss. I want to offer you words that transport you elsewhere, craft you sentences that help you know you’re not alone, and design a story to give you hope.

I want to take your hand and bring you on a magnificent journey to shore where we will find adventure and love and kindness between words.

I am meant to provide an escape from the waves.


Author: Kait_Stan

Aspiring Writer + Novelist

3 thoughts on “A Magnificent Journey to Shore”

  1. I avoid conflict also… not a fan of conflict lol … I have to deal with conflict sometimes, but I don’t like it. It’s just life sometimes

    I also don’t consider not wanting conflict a flaw, though – I am happy when there is no conflict and I can fully enjoy life.

    This blogging is the only type of social media, I currently do.

    I also had a Facebook – I have the app still but have not opened it in over a year.

    I am happier without it currently and got so much peace from walking away ❤️

    I am free to have my own thoughts and not have them be junked up by others harsh opinions or thoughts. I can see clearly for my own self? And my own well being. It’s like you can breathe

    I only keep the blog and LOVE that… is a release of thoughts for my own self – and then I am curious how others think and things they write… and then you make connections and relate… plus it’s extremely positive – or my experience has been anyway…

    I also kinda steer clear of news – I can only take the news in small doses… but not consistently – too harsh, always bad, there is a lot of bias… so once in awhile, I do the news, just not daily. Maybe once every other week so I know what’s going on lol ✌️

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    1. It’s comforting to see I’m not the only one who can’t take the harsh opinions, negative words, and terrible news– I too have found only positivity from blogging. It’s a much more relateable experience and the connections are more valuable 😊 Here’s to getting through crazy times one day at a time! Thanks for reading

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