The ‘Rona (COVID-19)

The ‘Rona

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The Age of No Pants

“Ah yes,” I’ll tell them, looking philosophically into space as I sink my old bones into the memory. “The Age of No Pants.”

Reasons Why I Drink (Today Edition)

As the clock displays 5:00, I shuffle down the stairs and into the kitchen. (I may or may not be wearing pants, and it’s fine, because, ‘Rona.) I scratch my Doberman Pinscher’s head, then rummage through the wine fridge. Today, I am uncorking this bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon because I am waiting. I am waiting…

To Kill the ‘Rona

“Oh my God,” I shouted, leaping out of bed. “This is it. I’ve got the ‘Rona.” I waddled from the bedroom to the bathroom mirror and stared down my throat.             “What are you doing now?” Mike groaned from the bedroom.             “My throat is sore. I’ve got it. We’re infected. We’re doomed.”             “For…

Toilet Paper and Ammo

Amid the Corona Virus pandemic, it is easy to say the world’s introverts are in their PRIME. Working from home, calling the dog a co-worker, and having the ultimate excuse to turn down plans? Boom. An introvert’s paradise. Sign me the hell up. “How is everyone doing?” My boss asked the team over Skype one…


Today, I ventured out into the real world. And I didn’t like it. I’ve been #adulting and working on a refinance for our home to take advantage of the lower interest rates. We close on Monday, so like a responsible adult, I suited up and left my home for the first time in weeks to…

Something Just Died in the Living Room

Adulting is running a virtual training like a boss bitch after something just died in the living room. Let’s back up. COVID-19 caused millions of businesses and individuals to turn to virtual platforms for learning and development. Video learning in the corporate world is a new standard as we strive to continue “business as usual.”…

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