Late Night Singalong

This night is quiet, but my head is a riot.

12:46 and I’m laying here with a busy mind.

It’s not even important bustle. It’s useless static keeping me awake. I picture my thoughts as layers. I don’t know if it’s normal to be able to ponder multiple things simultaneously, but tonight it’s like they’re stacked. The thoughts are all happening at once, like a theory of everything whirling uncontrollably behind my eyes.

And unfortunately, the Frozen 2 soundtrack is at the base of it.

“Some things never change…”

Did I respond to that email?

My hippo moves out tomorrow.

There’s chicken in the freezer for dinner.

Maybe I should have showered.

“And I’m holding on tight to you…”

I can respond to that email first thing in the morning.

Do they all eventually move out in Animal Crossing?

I should have pulled that chicken out to thaw.

Eh, I can shower after I work out in the morning.

“This will all make sense when I am older…”

Is there a meeting in the morning?

I never finished that DIY recipe.

There’s ground beef in the freezer, too. We could have burgers.

Did I set an alarm to work out?


Oh, wait, just my 1:1 meeting is in the morning.

How do I get more elephants to my island?

Wait, we can’t have burgers, I don’t have any buns.

I worked out yesterday, I don’t have to work out tomorrow, right?


Did I even set an alarm?

Why was I thinking about Animal Crossing?


Maybe I should write this all down.

Screw it, we’ll order in for dinner.

“Show yourself!”

Why am I still thinking about this?

What time is it?


Elsa! Shut up! I’m trying to sleep!

I wish it was a more profound storm whipping through my brain, but all I have to offer are broken pieces of Frozen 2 lyrics, sporadic Animal Crossing updates, dinner plans, workout and shower thoughts, and vaguely wondering about work.

Sometimes, the thoughts are heavy and philosophical and important as I lay in silent darkness with the minutes ticking by like hours.

But most of the time, it’s a fucking Disney singalong in my head until I somehow knock myself out.

You, too?